Guard House

Guard House
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Guard House

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days

Product Detail
1. Security house
2. Steel with tempered glass
3. Hotel, shop etc use
4. Beaufiul outlook
5. Small area

1. Keep warm, heat insulation, sound insulation

2. Construction easy quick: This sentry box is a finished product, we finish it in the factoryincluding the desk, floor, bookrack, door etc

3. Convenient package for shipping, more design for what you need.

Specification: L3.0m*W2m*H2.5m/2.4m

1. Steel column: Square tube
2. Frame: Square tube
3. Foundation: Steel frame, Multi-layer board and Plastic floor
5. Outside wall: High-quality aluminum composite plate
4. Wall: 50mm color steel sandwich panel
7\ceiling: EPS sandwich panel
8\roof: High-quality aluminum composite plate
9. Door: Plastic-steel door
10. Window: Plastic-steel window
11. Standard Configuration: Fluorescent, switch, socket, etc.
12. Adding: Frame for air condition

Ceiling 1.0 galvanized sheet 1.0 Frame steel 1.0, Columns 60*60, Beam 60*30
outside surface blue coated steel  inner surface ivory coated steel
Floor  2.0 slide-proof galvanized sheet 2.0 Window aluminium alloy
Roof PVC luxury decorative board     
Inner devices:electrical receptacle, lamp, workbench, drawer, residual current protection switches

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Guard House
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