T Type Prefab House

T Type Prefab House
  • T Type Prefab House
T Type Prefab House

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days

Product Detail

Steel Structure
Pillar Galvanized square tube 80*80*2.0 / 100*100*2.0 / 100*100*3.0mm
Periphery Beam Galvanized square tube 80*80*2.0mm
Second Floor Beam C80*40*15*2.0
Floor Purlin 40*60*1.3
Roof Beam C80*40*15*2.0
Roof Purlin etc #4 Angle Iron
Floor Second floor 15mm ploywood board
Roof and Wall Roof Panel Corrugated 50/75/100mm Eps/Glass wool Sandwich Panel
Wall Panel 50/75/100mm Eps/Glass wool Sandwich Panel
Door and Window Door Panel/Pvc/aluminium
Window Pvc/aluminium 950*1000mm
Accessory Edge cover/Glue/Screw etc
All materials can be customized as your need when big quantity.
Technical Parameters

No Item Parameter
A Overall weight 50~60kg/sqm
B Anti sesmic 8 grade
C Wind-proof capacity wind speed 20m/s, resist 8grade wind
D Floor loading capacity 150kg/sqm
E Roof loading capacity 60kg/sqm
F External wall bearing capacity 50kg/sqm
G Wall Coefficient of thermal conductivity K=0.442W/m2k
H External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient 0.35Kcal/m2hc

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T Type Prefab House
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