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Prefab Shelter
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Prefab Shelter

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days

Product Detail
Materials Sheet
Components Materials
Ground Beam 8# C steel
Pillar Double 8# C steel
Ring Beam 8# C steel
Floor Purlin 8# C steel
"—" Shape Beam 8# C steel
Roof Purlin L40 angle steel
Stair Steel stair
Aisle Board 3mm corrugated steel board
Wall Board 50-200mm sandwich panel (EPS, MGO, PU, Rock Wool)
Roof Board 50-200mm sandwich panel (EPS, MGO, PU, Rock Wool) 
Floor Board 15mm plywood board/cement floor
Window PVC sliding window/Aluminum alloy window
Door Sandwich door with aluminum frame/security door/PVC door
Ceilings Gypsum board/Aluminum board

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Prefab Shelter
Prefab Homes
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