Flat Roof Prefab House

Flat Roof Prefab House
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Flat Roof Prefab House

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days

Product Detail
Manufactured from steel sheets welded to a galvanized frame, the hoarding's strength and durability allows it to be used repeatedly whilst requiring minimum maintenance to keep a quality appearance. The panels can be quickly and easily erected, dismantled and moved with pedestrian and vehicle gate options available
This fencing system can be used to create a secure perimeter for sites containing equipment and for even higher security a temporary roadway can be incorporated with access gates for vehicles to patrol the compound. As the fence  prevents visibility it is also widely used in and around areas requiring privacy.
Pedestrian and vehicle gate options are available and the fence can be supplied in white or blue if preferred with infill privacy panels to fill gaps between panels. 

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Flat Roof Prefab House
Flat Roof Prefab Home
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